Year: 2016

Sydney Opera House - green

Explore the Land Down Under: 10 Awesome Destinations in Australia

YOU MAY BE TOO consumed by the idea of going to paradise-like island countries such as Maldives, but hey, Australia is such a huge country for you to miss it. Take a look at the world map once again. Not only huge in land area, this country has a very diverse climate, culture, geography, history, and population — enough reasons for you to include Australia on your bucket list.

Abra - Hidden Treasures

Discover Hidden Treasures in Abra

ABRA IS BEST ASSOCIATED with Abra river, the biggest, longest and most popular river among the numerous rivers crisscrossing the valleys of this Northern Philippines’ province, and it is where all rivers and streams here converge. Unknown to many, Abra is also rich in treasures. So don’t be surprised if your timeline gets flooded with paradise-like waterfalls that have been kept secret from the world outside for long, in the next few days — the hidden treasures of Abra have finally been found! Thanks to the netizens and photographers who don’t keep the beauty of previously-unknown Philippines’ destinations to themselves. Or at least those places we care less about before.